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Another Apple iPhone Disaster?

Today Apple will announce yet another line of their world famous smartphone. Since its inception in 2007, we have seen 6 ‘new’ iPhones. Real Estate Agent Eddy Kicker, who uses his phone constantly to keep in touch with clients, hopes to see some huge improvements.

Current Real Estate Market

Can you name one of the best performing real estate markets in the world? This market has grown over 21% this year up to and including the second quarter. This market has seen one of the history’s most epic property bubbles burst. Real estate agent Carolyn Capalbo is always hopeful that her market in Northern Virginia will be among the top performing real estate markets in the country. She is hopeful that this market will continue to climb, and we will not see another market crash.

Gas Prices Jump

Across the country there has been an average increase of 12 cents per gallon and are predicted to continue to climb over the next few […]

Police Officer’s Touching Gift

Police Officer Michael Kohr responded to a take a report on a stolen bike, but went above the call of duty. Nina Sanchez called the […]

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VIDEO: Meryl Streep: “I Thought I Was Too Ugly To Be An Actress”

Meryl Streep is returning to college! The 64-year-old Oscar winner recently visited Indiana University, where she accepted an honorary doctoral degree from the Bloomington school. During her acceptance speech, Streep revealed she wasn’t so confident about her looks at the time she started acting. Streep said,”I was always in plays, but I thought it was […]

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